Hallowed Ground PAF's


The Hallowed Ground Paf set was conceived and born from the pickups of an original 1958 Gibson Les Paul burst. The name of this set is exactly what I felt about the originals when I played them as the neck was round and clear with vowel tones in spades, the bridge, well, all I can say is it was instant ZZ Top Pearly Gates tone. To me, this set was "Hallowed Ground" with regard to Paf tone.

The story behind the Hallowed Ground set starts when I received a phone call from the burst owner who called me wanting to know if I'd be willing to take on the task of replicating these pickups. Well, my response was Hell Yah ! He then proceeded to tell me that he was originally from NJ and that this guitar was on a lot of famous American rock and roll songs from 1962 through the late 70's, as he was also a NY city studio musician. The reason he wanted this 58 Paf set replicated is Gibson made him two replica R8's that looked and felt as good as the original 58, but fell short tone wise. These two R8's had their original Burst Bucker #1 and #2's, which didn't sound anything like his beloved originals.

After speaking on the phone a while we both realized that we only lived about 45 minutes away from each other and the very next day he brought his 58 burst over to ECP Headquarters to see what I could do. The client owned this burst since 1962 and had the pickup covers on and off the pickups many times over the 50 years that he has owned it and the solder joints on the pots weren't virgin, so I was able to be a bit invasive with replicating them. I knew this pickup set was very special when I took inductance, capacitance, and AC Resistance readings as the DC ohm values was not indicative of the previous readings I had just taken. After thoroughly examining this set I realized what made them so special and it was the tolerances of the coil wire that was used to originally wind the coils as the wire was at the low and also the high end of spec for 42 AWG plain enamel wire. After a few days I produced 2 sets of replica 58 pickups and installed them on the 2 R8's, and when the client came by to pick them up, he plugged them in and was blown away how much they sound like the original 1958 Burst. The Hallowed Ground Paf set was born!

All sets are serialized and come with a COA. Each set not only sound like the original 1958 Paf's, but are aged to perfection to look like them too. From the most authentic Patent Applied For water slide decal, to the "L" tool marks on the feet of the baseplates, no detail of the originals was overlooked when producing the most authentic looking, and sounding Paf replica available.                                                                            


The Hallowed Ground PAF set uses the most accurate vintage correct covers, aged to perfection, and the

most accurate Patent Applied For water slide decals made exclusively for ECP. The baseplates have proper "L"

tool marks and every Hallowed Ground PAF is aged to perfection as was the original 1958 PAF's they were

cloned from.


Above, are comparison photo's of real vintage keeper bars and vintage braid wire. As you can see I have

my keepers made to the exact same tolerances and specs as the originals, and of course, made of the

same alloy of steel. The vintage braid hookup wire is unsurpassed for vintage correctness and is only used 

on the Hallowed Ground PAF's. This wire is so good that it is suitable for vintage paf, or p-90 restorations, 

as it is undistinguishable from the original wire. 



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