Legacy Series

Welcome to ECP's "LEGACY SERIES" of Humbuckers

The Legacy Series was designed to give the player an affordable alternative to great sounding pickups that won't break the bank. Many of the pickups models that I am recreating didn't use expensive parts, but rather more off the shelf products. Some of the models use Plain Enamel wire and some use Poly coated magnet wire. The wire and materials chosen for a specific model are what was used originally on that particular model. Some of the models in the Legacy Series are my own designs, or are based on one off pickups that I've done for customers.

As many know I have rewound/repaired many vintage pickups such as original P.A.F.'s, but I have also rewound many modern classics and have recreated many of them for customers. Many of these pickups are not available on the aftermarket, or just not made any longer such as some of the early Japanese pickups that were the forefront of our modern P.A.F. replica's. Some models are more modern made models that have a very high resale price and some are not made the way they originally were and suffer from this. I made it my job to make the great tones of these unobtainable pickups and provide them to you at a working mans price, along with some of my own designs.

All models ordered uncovered will be double black unless stated in the comments section at checkout!


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These pickups were made famous by Greco and were made from the very late 70's through the early..
Rockin' Roll
This set has the classic medium/higher output A5 PAF tone and is of the Custom Shop variant. Th..

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