Johnny Hiland 12 Gauge Semi Nashville Tele

Johnny Hiland 12 Gauge Semi Nashville Tele
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12 Gauge Semi

After the development of the Six Shooter Singles Johnny and I set out to make a pickup set for Tele style guitars. Although he plays EBMM Silhouettes he still loves his Tele’s.  We already developed the bridge pickup at my first attempt to put a full size Tele bridge pickup in his Silhouette, and we already had the Strat middle pickup from the same set, for the Nashville Tele, but needed to get the neck pickup just right. So, I made a hybrid staggered neck pickup that is a bit overwound and has longer magnets compared to standard Tele neck pickups, to keep up in power with the powerful 12 Gauge bridge pickup, and also compliment the middle pickup in the 12 Gauge Semi set. What was born was the 12 Gauge Tele sets. The 12 Gauge Pump set is your standard 2 pickup tele set, and the 12 Gauge Semi, for NashvilleTele.

Specs:  Neck- A3 staggered magnets- 43 Gauge PE wire- Chrome, or Bare Cover

Middle-A3 staggered magnets- 42 Gauge HF wire ( 12 Gauge Semi only)

Bridge- A3 magnets- 43 Gauge PE wire- copper plated steel baseplate

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