Johnny Hiland Six Shooter Singles

Johnny Hiland Six Shooter Singles
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When Nashville Super Picker and Shrapnel recording artist Johnny Hiland said to me one day that he really missed the tone of a true Tele bridge pickup and true tone of an old school Strat neck pickup in his EBMM Silhouette, with dual blade pickups , I said to him he needed real single coil pickups to accomplish this. He also said that he likes a hot bridge pickup to rock out with, but it still had to be able to twang and be able to chicken pick . I set forth to create a set of pickups with a regular Tele sized bridge pickup, and regular sized Strat pickups for the middle and neck positions. This set proved to be a hit with Johnny and provided the tone he was chasing after, but the Tele sized bridge pickup proved to be too large, and interfered with his picking style. Although he loved the tone of the Tele bridge he asked me if I could make it in a Strat pickup size and after some development I cloned the tone of that Tele bridge pickup in a Strat sized package, which includes a steel base-plate.  What was born was the Six Shooter Singles for Silhouettes and for regular Strat style guitars, as this set proved to also sound great in a Strat style guitar.


Neck- A3 staggered magnets- 42 gauge HF wire,
Middle- A3 staggered magnets- 42 gauge HF wire
Bridge- A3 magnets- 43 gauge PE wire
steel base-plate

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