ECP ES-335® Wiring Harness

ECP ES-335® Wiring Harness
ECP ES-335® Wiring Harness
Product Code: Prewired ES-335® Wiring Harness
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Key benefits

  1. Exceptional volume control without sacrificing high end frequencies.
  2. Smoother tone roll-off.
  3. More defined and clearer signal path.
  4. CTS Potentiometer resistance matching (+-2%) for balanced control.
  5. High quality parts and construction for trouble free performance.

Premium specs

  • CTS 550K Premium audio taper short shaft potentiometers w/ +-9% tolerance offering exceptional construction and taper.
  • Switchcraft USA short frame toggle switch or Gotoh Japan short frame toggle for gold option.
  • Switchcraft USA 1/4" mono input jack.
  • Vintage style single conductor braided wire with #8 PVC tubing.
  • 1950's Style wiring.

Capacitor choices

  • Russian K40Y-9 .015 / .022 paper in oil tone capacitors.
  • Luxe Black Beauty .022 / .022 handmade reproduction Di-Film capacitors.

Whats in the box

  • A fully tested, ready to drop in, expertly wired harness.
  • Full color wiring diagram.
  • Deep collar switch nut if needed.

Key considerations

  • CTS pots require a 3/8" hole diameter in the electronics cavity of your guitar. If you are installing this harness in an import guitar or any other guitar without these specs, you will need to enlarge the pot holes to 3/8".

  • Import knobs will not fit CTS pots. US Spec replacement knobs available here.

All harnesses are built to order. Please allow 7-10 business days for your order to ship.

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