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These pickups were made famous by Greco and were made from the very late 70's through the early 80's in their highest end models and was the 1st real attempt by anyone at recreating a vintage P.A.F. in which they did a great job tonally. As with real P.A.F.'s, only one pickup model was made for use in both the neck and bridge positions.

At ECP, I tonally cloned these great pickups as they are almost unable to be found on the used market and are great sounding lower output pickups. I have heard, with no confirmation, that the earliest models used PE wire, but I have been inside the coils of at least 1 very early set and it used poly wire and not PE. The Dry ECP pickup uses poly coated magnet wire, as did all of the Dry Z's that I have been inside of that I cloned this pickup from.

I didn't forget about the people who want a little more juice in the bridge position, so I also have a slightly overwound model for the bridge position.

Order 2 standard models for that classic Dry Z tone, or order 1 standard and 1 plus model for a little extra power in the bridge.

All pickups are double black unless otherwise stated in comments section during checkout.

Average DCR is Approx. : 7.4k for the standard model-

                                          7.8k for the plus model

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